Tours and weekends away
Mallorca – April 2019

The proposal is for a fixed-centre week, based in Selva, a small town at the foot of the Trumuntana Mountains (the main range on the NW side of the island). Selva has a few hotels, several restaurants and cafes, and two bike hire operations, so it is practical to hire a high quality road bike (from approximately £150/week) as an alternative to bringing your own machine.

Most of the central and eastern parts of the Trumuntana are easily accessible from Selva, and there are less hilly options south of Selva. There is also an option to find some transport for a couple of days to allow us to access the western end of the mountains. Most of the climbs have a gradient in the 5-6% range over several kilometres, so provide a challenge, but without being excessively hard. All in all, there is a good week of excellent hill climbing and other touring.

David has produced a selection of 'harder' (3*) and 'easier' (2*) routes, both in the mountains and across the centre of the island from Selva. Selva is a few kilometres north of Inca, from where it is possible to use the train to assist us to the south of the island, away from the mountains. With sufficient people, there should be a choice of ride each day.

It is possible to fly with your own bike. British Airways simply counts it as a checked bag (a second checked bag can be purchased for £60 each way). With a moderate sized group, a transfer to/from the airport would be cost effective.

It is proposed to travel out prior to Easter, either:

  • Sat 6th - Sun 14th April – 7 days cycling; or
  • Sat 13th - Easter Mon 22nd April – 8 days cycling
(exact dates to be determined by demand and availability).

The weather is likely to be warm and sunny, certainly shorts weather, but probably not excessively hot.

Costs (all approximate):

  • Flights £280-£450 (depending on whether bringing own bike)
  • Hotel (B&B rate): £800 / room
  • Airport-Hotel Transfer: £100 (return)
  • Bike Hire: from £150/week

We are aiming to make bookings and other arrangements by the end of August. If you are interested, please contact David as soon as possible.

Contact: David Kurtz07771 760660.

Brevet de Randonneur des Alpes – July 2019

20-21st July 2019 will see the 50th edition of this alpine randonee.

There are various options. The basic route includes the Cols de Lautaret, Galibier, Telegraph, and Croix de Fer, with options to include Alp d’Huez (up the hairpins this year), and the Cols de Mollard and Sarenne. While some people do it in a single day, David plans to take two days, as three of the club did in 2017, staying overnight at Valloire and utilising the event baggage service.

The event is organised by Cyclotouristes Grenoblois, who have an extensive website for the event (in French).

The proposal is to take the train to Grenoble. Flying to Lyon is also a possibility. David plans to travel out on the previous weekend, although there is flexibility around this, and then spend the week before the randonnee touring in the area, and if viable watching the Tour de France go past. We would return home on the Monday after the event.

Contact: David Kurtz07771 760660.

Vèlez Vacaciones – Andalucía

Central London CTC member (and occasional tour leader) Sally Doyle has started a business, Vèlez Vacaciones, offering accomodation, cycling and walking holidays based in the Andalucian village of Velez Blanco, and is offering a discount to CTC members. More information on her website.

Contact: Sally Doyle07743 734255.