Regents Park Circuits
Regent's Park Circuits

Meet opposite the cafe on the Inner Circle for an hour of brisk riding in a bunch.

The general format is 10 minutes of group riding at a steady pace on the Inner Circle. The group then moves to the Outer Circle for 45 minutes riding at a faster pace followed by a five-minute cool down.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, meeting at 18.30

Tuesday and Thursday and sessions provide a good opportunity for you to learn group-riding etiquette, practice riding “through and off” in a chaingang, and build your speed and fitness. We aim to average 30-32 km/h. Afterwards a post-session cafe or pub visit is an option. Remember to bring lights except in high summer.

Contact for Tue/Thu: Allen Hutcheson07973 287814

Saturday Social Rides, meeting at 09.00

Generally Saturday is also a time to practice group riding skills such as drafting, safely following the wheel and rotating through and off the front. We aim for slightly lower average pace of 25-27 km/h. After around 10.00 we have a social coffee at the Inner Circle Tennis cafe.

Contact for Saturdays: Naomi Wolf07837 110710

Virtual rides on Zwift

Our Zwift group typically meet for a virtual ride at 18.00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. To take part you'll need a Zwift account and a Zwift compatible turbo trainer.

Contact: Naomi Wolf07837 110710