Our privacy policy

Central London CTC is a local member group of Cycling UK, the national cyclists’ organisation.

In order to operate the club effectively and comply with certain Cycling UK insurance and reporting guidelines we need to collect and retain a small amount of personal information about our members.

Note that this policy is specifically about how the Central London CTC member group uses your personal data. Any information that you have supplied to the Cycling UK national office in connection with your Cycling UK membership is covered by their national privacy policy.

For all participants:

  1. On rides, you will be asked by the leader to provide your name, and whether you are a Cycling UK member.

    We need to collect and store this information to accurately record attendance on rides, to monitor that we are complying with Cycling UK guidelines on insurance, and to identify possible new rides leaders.

    The statistical information derived from the attendance data will not identify individuals, except for the riders with the most attendances, who may be listed at the Annual General Meeting in the context of the award of the attendance trophy. The detailed attendance records will be retained for a maximum of two years, and if you have not ridden with us within the last two years we will also delete your name, email address and Cycling UK membership number (if any) from our database (unless you have also led rides – see below).

  2. You may optionally also provide us with an email address, in which case you will also be agreeing to us periodically sending you emails, for example announcing when a new programme of rides is published on our website, or asking you if you would be willing to become a ride leader. You may request that your email address is deleted from our database at any time.

  3. We will never use your information for any purpose other than as explained here. The information is stored on a server located in the UK, and is accessible only to members of the Central London CTC committee. We will never share this information with any other person or organisation for any reason.

  4. You may obtain a copy of all the data we currently hold about you, and ask for it to be amended or deleted, at any time by emailing our Registration Officer or Secretary.

  5. In the unlikely event that you are involved in an accident on a ride. we may need to share your details with the Cycling UK national office on an Incident Report Form. This is a requirement of Cycling UK's public liability insurance.

For ride leaders:

If you agree to lead a ride (or organise any other event) for Central London CTC, we will need you to provide, and agree to us retaining, some additional information.

  1. To comply with Cycling UK rules on public liability insurance, you will need to be a current Cycling UK member and we will have to register you as a volunteer with the Cycling UK national office. In order to do this, we will need your Cycling UK membership number.

  2. In order to provide contact details for your ride , we will need your email address and a phone number, and you will need to agree to your name and phone number being published on the website (your email address will not be published, but it will be used to allow others to contact you via our website).

  3. If you have previously lead rides, but are not currently doing so, you may ask for your email address and phone number to be deleted at any time. Your name will remain on our database as the leader of any rides in our ride archive, unless you also ask for this to be deleted too.

Operation of our website:

  1. We use cookies on our website for remembering preferences between visits – specifically, the types of rides you have chosen to display on the rides page and the photos you have already seen on the home page so that we can show you some new ones next time.

  2. We log emails sent using the contact forms on the site. We log the sender's email address, IP adddress and the subject and content of the email. This information is retained for a few days at most, and is seen only by the webmaster, to monitor for spam and other abuse.

  3. We use Google Analytics to help us understand how our members and other visitors use our website. You can read more about how Google uses this information here. You can also opt-out of Google Analytics using this browser add-on.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact the Registration Officer and Webmaster, or any other member of the committee.