Group rides up to 15-strong (not) permitted (updated)

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New guidance allows us to run rides with up to 15 people. See here!


  • Over 70's should consider...
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    ...if we have the stamina?
  • Please note that while CTC has issued this guidance, Central London CTC rides are currently limited to six riders and they have to book with the leader in advance before they attend. We may change this in due course, so look out for an announcement.
  • What is the reason for this, Linus?
  • Martin_H said:
    What is the reason for this, Linus?
    Ride leaders need to have clear instructions about what they are letting themselves in for and the rides they have offered to lead. Our policy is clearly stated at the top of the ride list page. We don't automatically follow CTC HQ unless it says to stop riding as they did at the beginning of lockdown. We don't want people just turning up and saying "there's less than 15 people so it's ok to join the ride" - that's not fair on the ride leader. 

    If you want to lead a ride with up to 15 people then please email giving your reasons, and I'm sure this would be fine. I personally don't have a problem. It's your ride and it would comply with guidelines. But for existing rides, the individual leader needs to agree to this first. 

    An update will be listed here:
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    An update on this. I've just had an email from Christine (** co-ordinator) on this subject, so we can expect an announcement in due course.
  • OK fair play. 'For the avoidance of doubt', I agree it's usually helpful to know beforehand who's going to be in your squad.
  • Martin_H said:
    What is the reason for this, Linus?
    Also, note that it's not as simple as we can now take 15 - there are caveats, such as appointment of a Coronavirus Officer, and a risk assessment procedure.

    We will do this, but we need next week's cttee mtg to get it all in place (when the website faq will be updated appropriately). 
  • Well, so much for all that. It's back to six now.
  • Statement on this from CTC: "Given the nature of the requirements on clubs and participants, and that any failure to comply by either is, from 14 September, a criminal offence rather than non-compliance with guidance as it was previously, Cycling UK can no longer advise groups that they can rely on the organised activity exemption. Accordingly, our advice in England is that group rides in England should be restricted to a maximum of six participants. However, multiple groups of six are permissible, as long as these groups do not come into contact with one another.

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