Fuzz Edwards

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Fuzz Edwards, who was a member of Central London CTC  since the early days has sadly died at the age of 89.  

Angela Byrne has the following memories of Fuzz:

He was a popular leader of Central London’s  one star rides using Barts' cotton backed half-inch maps which led to many adventures.  When people pointed out that his map was a bit out of date he would retort “it’s accurate enough, the hills haven’t moved!”. He made sure that newcomers felt welcome and included in the club.  He was a life-long cyclist and had an extensive collection of vintage bicycles including a sidecar for infants, which was used for his children and grandchildren.  He together with his family was a regular attender at the CTC Birthday rides as well as the Mildenhall rallies.  

My favourite memory of him is watching him at the Boulogne randonee in his plus fours, wearing a straw hat and with a wicker basket on the front of his bicycle, cycling up a hill on the outside of a group of young lycra-clad cyclists on modern road bikes, puffing gently on his pipe.  

We send our best wishes to his wife Mary, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many of whom picked up the cycling bug and have cycled with Central London CTC as well as to his sister Judy and her husband John, both also keen cyclists.


  • Sorry to hear this. He lived to a good age, though. Those are lovely photos. I remember he was featured in Cycling Plus (I think) in the late 1990s and had to explain is very unique set of gears and rear mech to the journalist. Not sure if he had it custom made or made it himself.
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    LinusR said:
    I remember he was featured in Cycling Plus (I think) in the late 1990s  ... 

    Rona Wightman (who described Fuzz as "certainly a leadership mentor for me") still has a copy of that article, and has sent me a scan of it which I have uploaded here

  • Wonderful to read it again. Did he ever mind being referred to as "mildly daft" in print?
  • More memories from Rona Wightman:

    I have had a rummage in my cycling journals, this extract from September 1998 is Fuzz demonstrating charm and leadership on a one star ride in Bedfordshire:

    "'the pub in Shepingley only did fairly pricy Sunday roasts, so Fuzz marched us out and we headed to Ridgmont. The Red Lion there was welcoming (at five to two) and we had good value lunch with five sorts of fresh vegetables in this friendly local. Main course £3.95, desert £1.25 and coffee 50p." We had already had blackberries roadside and in the afternoon we attempted to cycle through the Safari Park (not allowed) but he successfully led us past a no-entry sign in search of a short cut. We discovered Woburn Lido, but our way out onto the road we wanted was barred by a very large, secure gate. Fuzz was not put out in the least and declared that dead end roads were always worth exploring. Something I have borne in mind every since.

    The only photo of Fuzz I have (below) is of a wonderful one star family ride in May 2000 led by Fuzz's sister Judy. We started from Witley station, picnicked by a lake - a rather ornamental mill pond in fact - and had ice creams by the pond in Chiddingfold. The picture is of most of the group getting ready to set off from the station.

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    Fuzz leading the pack at Cooling Castle.  circa 2004

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    A couple more photos of Fuzz, this time from Pat Strauss:

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