Rides map from Central london to North or East

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is safe and healthy!
Would anyone want to share some rides maps (gpx) going from Central London towards North or East and back (** or ***)? I'd like to continue enjoying the nice CTC routes (even though I can't enjoy the nice company which normally goes with it :neutral: ) while waiting for the world to come back to normal.



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  • Please note the guidance from Cycling UK/CTC on how far from home you should ride.

    Cycling UK advice is to go out for long enough to keep yourself in good shape physically and emotionally but avoid doing more than this. Use common sense when planning your route. If you have a mechanical mishap that you can’t fix yourself and you’re miles from home, you may struggle to get back without asking someone else to undertake an additional journey that could have been avoided if you’d planned a circular route close to home. (my emphasishttps://www.cyclinguk.org/article/coronavirus-qa-it-safe-cycle#howlong

    I interpret this as not going further than you could reasonably walk home (bear in mind walking speed pushing a bike is about 4km/h at best).

    Please only post circular rides that comply with the above.
  • Thanks Linus. And to be clear, as moderators of this forum we may delete suggested routes that do not follow these guidelines.
  • The routes I have been using over the last few weeks are on my Viewranger profile page - https://my.viewranger.com/user/details/114725.
    In my case, they start from Maida Vale tube.  The distance to the edge of London varies from 21-28km.  The routes range from 80-130km.  If I am going to ride 50km through London, I want to be able to do a reasonable amount of riding outside London.  What is 'appropriate' is going to vary for each person, and it is ultimately for each person to make that decision for themselves.  

    The position with public transport is now rather somewhat muddied.  The default government advice is that you should not engage in non-essential travel.  However, you can travel to work.  You can also travel to go shopping.  That was originally essential shopping when only essential shops were open, but now all shops can open if they meet the safety criteria.  However, the railway companies are still pushing the 'essential travel only' message.  It has been the case that the trains have been very quiet at weekends.  There is anecdotal evidence that there is, in practice, no difficulty for individual cyclists using the trains to get back into London.    So we shouldn't plan to use the trains, but in practice, we can in case of emergency.

    For those fortunate to have access to a car, it is of course perfectly permissible under the regulations to drive to the edge of London (or even Barnards Castle) and then go for a ride.
  • Thanks David, I’ll check them out!
    I may join you on one of your (non-official) Sunday rides when they are a little less hilly ^^.
    looking forward to the coming back of the regular rides!

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