Snow ride - Hadleigh Castle, March 2018

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3 ladies dared the 1 mile ride in the snow from Leigh-on-Sea station to Hadleigh castle and more importantly to the Salvation Army cafe. One carried on riding to Southend in the arctic headwind, while Pat and myself returned to our heated homes.


  • @Richard pix here are linked to separate repository but do not display inline. Is there a filesize limit? Two here are >3MB
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    There is a limit but it's quite a bit bigger than 3Mb (theoretically 25Mb, though I suspect something else might break it you tried that!). 

    I think @AnnaB has just used the "file upload" button instead of the "image upload". I've taken the liberty of converting them to inline images. Christine got similarly confused in one of her test posts (now deleted), so it's possible the icons aren't sufficiently clear. Would a paper clip be a more recognisable icon for a file attachment? 

    Also, I wonder if we really need the file upload facility at all?  For exchanging GPX files occasionally, maybe? If it's going to cause confusion we might be better off without it - files can nowadays easily be exchanged by posting links to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc, without necessarily uploading the file themselves here.  In any case the next version of the base software, due to be released shortly, has the option of a completely rewritten editor that has several improvements over the current one, but won't initially allow file uploads other than inline images.

    On a related note, the server-side image handling of the base software leaves something to be desired, too. But I think I'll wait to see how the new editor performs here before looking into it any further myself.
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