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I had this message from Camden Cyclists and thought it should also concern our use of the lccrider email list. Any thoughts?

As some of you may be aware, Yahoo are about to reduce severely the facilities offered by Yahoo Groups. This may well be a first step towards a full shutdown.

We (the CCC Committee) have therefore decided that it is best to migrate this mail group to a new hosting service and we, in common with several other LCC borough groups have settled on as the best option. It offers facilities that closely parallel those of Yahoo Groups plus a few nice new ones.

I have therefore started the automated process to transfer to a new group camdencyclists@.... The process is designed to retain all of your settings (frequency of email updates, etc.). You should receive just one welcome message to the camdencyclists@... group which will detail how to send messages to it in future, change your settings, etc. The transfer will also retain the entire archive of old messages, etc.

The process is predicted to take a few day because of the large number of groups that have decided to abandon Yahoo for In the meantime we can go on using as normal - and indeed it will continue to exist even after the transfer, though we aim to shut it down in due course.


  • Thanks Linus. I've just had an email from Yahoo about their proposed change s, but haven't digested it properly yet.

    It may be that we need to migrate to another platform such as or Mailchimp. However, it's complicated by the fact that we're sharing the existing group with other clubs and LCC groups - there's no way to separate out those who signed up specifically to hear about our rides.

    I'll do a bit of research and decided on the best course of action next week. 

  • I've noticed that Camden Cyclists have chosen the "migration" route but this appears to cost a lump some of $220 (unless they got in quick before the new charges. See I may be a bit thick (I probably am) but I'm not sure if a paid-for migration is necessary. The lccrider has less than 800 members and the vital component is the contact list. Surely a simple download of the list by the group owner and an upload of that list to a new account would suffice. Do we need an archive of the messages which are just notifications of rides?

    I've been using Mailchimp (free version) for my neighbourhood group (about 800 members) for a few years but it is just a GDPR compliant email list, it doesn't have the interactive features of a "group". It does work very well though. But I'm not sure if that's what is needed.

    Having just had a look at the help section it appears you need a premium account to do a manual transfer of the contacts. The alternative is to invite current users of Yahoo lccrider to subcribe to a new lccrider at 

    I'm sure you know all this already...
  • Thanks again, for the extra info. Haven't had time to do any research yet (and riding tomorrow), but will look at it properly next week. 

    I do agree we don't need to migrate any existing content, just the contact list.   
  • I've opened a free account just to see how it works. The free version allows a bulk invite to the group, but doesn't allow a simple transfer of the contacts list. Each invitee needs to confirm their membership. So it would probably be better to direct people in the lccrider group to sign up to the new group. In the dummy group I created you can create multiple moderators and owners of the group so it appears to be all we need.
  • Given that Yahoo groups were popular with the more tec-savvy early uptakers, I would have thought most live contacts would themselves have migrated to other platforms. Which is why Yahoo have given up. 
  • Do the emails for CLCTC rides get posted to lccrider automatically? Is there some gizmo? Or is it done manually? 
  • LinusR said:
    Do the emails for CLCTC rides get posted to lccrider automatically? Is there some gizmo? Or is it done manually? 
    It's done programmatically, we really wouldn't want to have to do all that manually  ... 
  • Can't you programme a new email group for us to use as well?
  • We have a website, a forum, were on Twitter & Facebook. Why do we need our own email group? Will it attract new members?
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    I don't think @Richard is fulfilling his potential. He must try harder... Besides, we need email. By the way @Richard if everything else is programmerised, why do I have to manually tweet about the upcoming rides? It's giving me RSI!
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    LinusR said:
    I don't think @Richard is fulfilling his potential. He must try harder... Besides, we need email. By the way @Richard if everything else is programmerised, why do I have to manually tweet about the upcoming rides? It's giving me RSI!
    We did post to Twitter automatically at one time, but it didn't attract much attention. As I was already maintaining the Facebook and Google Calender API's, as well as the LCCRider feed, keeping another API up to date was just too much extra work for very little value.

    I agree, though, that we should keep an email feed of some sort going, I just need to work out the best way of doing it (which might turn out to be staying with Yahoo, at least in the short term). It's about sending reminders to existing members, not recruiting new ones.
  • The fact is @Richard - since I've been tweeting the rides we've had more people riding with us than ever before. You cannot argue with that. 
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    OK, I've finally had a look at this in more detail.

    My executive summary:  we don't need to do anything for now.

    In more detail:  Yahoo have not said they are shutting down their groups (though many people have concluded that that is their eventual intention). They are getting rid of all stored historical content in mid-December, and all the web-based facilities for uploading content. It seems, in effect, that they are turning them back into the simple email distribution lists that they started as.

    The panic this has caused in other groups is mostly about losing historical content, and the short notice of this. But we don't use any of the web-based stuff (we don't upload photos, docs, etc to the group), nor are we interested in the historical emails. We are only sending reminders of forthcoming rides, and so all the information in the emails is on our own database and readily available to anyone on the rides page of this website. 

    The only problem I could see for now is that Yahoo say that new sign-ups now (since the end of Oct) require Group Moderator approval, but I just tried signing up by sending a blank email to and it still seems to work as it always did.

    Longer term, I think a free account at either or Mailchimp would probably do.

    We don't need (or, I think, want) an interactive discussion group (that's what this forum's for!), just a straightforward way of sending out weekly-ish email reminders to those that want them without the hassle of us having to manage the subscriptions ourselves, so I suspect that Mailchimp is probably the best bet of those two. 

    I agree that the best way of migrating would be to invite existing subscribers to sign up to the new list, whatever we decide it should, for two reasons:

    a)  the LCCRider list was originally set up as a shared list among a number of LCC and CTC groups (and we've been on it since 2005!). In the last few years the only regular posters have been ourselves and Havering CTC, plus three or four a year from Camden LCC, but there will be people on the existing list who wouldn't necessarily want to be migrated to a CLCTC-only list.

    b) there are currently 722 members of the list, more than twice the 330 people who have ridden with us in the last two years, so even allowing for (a) above, there are probably a lot of people getting these emails just because they haven't bothered to unsubscribe - in which case requiring a positive, opt-in response to keep getting the emails would be a useful housekeeping exercise.

    If Yahoo do shut the groups down completely, we should have time to migrate then. In any case, the email reminders are a nice-to-have, not a mission critical feature, so a short hiatus while we set up a replacement wouldn't be a disaster.  

    To summarise again, I don't think we need to do anything for now, but suggest we look at moving (probably to Mailchimp) after the current Yahoo changes have settled down - probably in the new year.

    Thanks again to @LinusR for raising the issue and his useful research ...

  • Richard said:
    My executive summary:  we don't need to do anything for now.
    Top strategy
  • No photos are showing on this website.   Any ideas why?  
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