Club kit — tell me about mistakes and misfits please

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Spring will come (eventually) and you may be thinking of new clothing. Can I remind all of the excellent quality and very smart club kit? All who have it like it. (I advocate it with no interest in any pecuniary gain.) Do contact me if you are thinking of adding to your wardrobe!


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    Actually it's feeling pretty spring-like already ... and a quick reminder that you can see the clothing range here.
  • Several people are looking to buy some new kit so we could have an order going on in the next fortnight or so. If  I have firm expressions of interests for >£200-worth I can set the ball rolling. so come on, don't be shy!
  • The last order for club kit was astonishing, with a new record set for one single order. Now is the time to be reviewing your winter wardrobe, and several people have expressed an interest. Go here and take a look at the range!
  • I have some new expressions of interest for club kit. New riders, winter's not over yet — our Alpine jacket is your friend when the easterlies blast in through March! Go here and take a look at the range! Old hands — isn't your strip from five years ago looking rinsed? You know what to do!
  • All with one exception should now have their recent order of club clothing. I hope it fits and you are liking it! 

    I do note that for the first time in I think 6 years, there were ordering errors on Pactimo's part. Two of our women members got men's Continental l/s jerseys. These are being replaced with the correct items at no charge, as is proper. 

    A few of us ordered the lightweight base layer and find the sizing way too small — certainly one size down from the non-custom base layer that we also have. I shall put this to the Pactimo rep to feed back to the company HQ in Colorado, USA.

    Where possible, I will make known here where there are misfits and mistakes that might be passed on to other members who can use them. Please let me know if you are one!
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