1st Thursday Ride

I’m planning the first of our “Thursday extra” rides (advertised by Nick in November) on Thursday March 7th. It will be a little over 40 miles from Surbiton via Datchet and back to Surbiton. I plan to get the 09.42 from Waterloo so aim to meet opposite platform 9 at 09.25. Can anyone wishing to come please confirm. Once I know people are interested I’ll arrange for the ride to be posted on the website. 


  • In diary. 

    I'm planning a daytime recce for my Maldon overnight on Thursday April 4. Meet at Rye House from Liverpool Street, avoid Maldon centre, finish at Shenfield. 100 km, so late finish. Details to follow.
  • Jon McColl has route for this ride Nick. BTW how you getting on with that straight seatpost?
  • I led the Maldon overnight last year, using the same route this year. And it doesn't go up Market Hill.
    Haven't tried the seat post yet, waiting to get my knee/crank angle checked (by Linus, though he doesn't know it) this weekend to see if I need to go forward or backward.
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    @RichardD's ride on 7th March is now on the website. 
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