Photos from 2 star ride 16/12/2018

Hi Richard,
I couldn't find the link on the FB page to share the link to my photos from today's ride. So as discussed with you today I have posted the link to the forum. Hopefully you can see them, let me know if you have any issues.



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    Thanks Jenny, great photos, especially of the mist over the valley.

    Unfortunately it turns out that the Facebook album can only be seen by logged-in Facebook members, so I've taken the liberty of reposting some them directly here (above this comment).  That's not an ideal way of sharing some of your bigger albums however.  

    If it's not too much hassle, maybe in future you could instead upload them to a Google Photos album and post a "sharing link" to that in the forum?

    As  well as being accessible to everyone (you don't need a Google account to view a Google Photos album shared via a link), it would also allow me to grab  a few as higher-resolution images (with date and time they were taken intact) for our photo galleries (and ultimately for the photo competition as well  :) ). Facebook dramatically reduces the resolution, and strips out the date/time info. 

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