early April rides

Are we there yet? Are we almost there yet? :D
(sorry couldn't resist)

The rides page is empty at the time of posting. I accept things may be going on behind the scenes, maybe on Whatsapp. But we're only a few days away from restarting so it would be good to show some activity and people can think about joining our rides.

I'll be doing rides on Thursday 1/4/2021 and Sunday 4/4/2021. I'd like to do them as group rides (happy to join or lead) but I guess I'll do them as solo rides if for reason we're not restarting next week.

I'd like to take a train to Upminster or Bucks (it's been around a year) but if that's unsuitable I'll cycle out from Finsbury Park to Herts or Essex again.

Distance is flexible and so are half way break arrangements.

So can I join or lead a ride next week?  Hope to meet soon.


  • @Angus Group rides will be starting again. Just where we left off. Max of six to a group and booked via the website. No groups on trains until at least 17 May. An announcement is to go up shortly, and you should get an email. But you can contact the ride co-ordinator for the category of ride you are planning to get it added to the list.
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