Group ride – Sunday 27/9/2020 – Chorleywood / Gorhambury Estate / Hadley Wood (Herts)

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Group ride – Sunday 27/9/2020 – Chorleywood / Gorhambury Estate / Hadley Wood (Herts)

I have two versions of this ride, one is 80km & max gradient of 8% and two is 65km & max gradient of 7.7%.  They both start and end in the same place, one includes a scenic hill and the other skirts the bottom of it.  I prefer the longer version but I'm willing to be outvoted.  Post here which version you prefer or we can decide when we arrive.

I'm treating this as a 2* ride.  This ride goes through several country estates (Gorhambury, Ayot, Mimms).


The ride will set off from Chorleywood train station at 10:30am, expecting to finish at around 4:30pm (depending on whether we do the long version or the short version and what we do for lunch).

I'll be getting the Met line from Finchley Road at 9:38, arriving at Chorleywood at 10:19. This same train sets off from Baker Street at 9:31.

About three kilometers is on compact earth through the Mimms estate. The rest is tarmac.


I'm assuming people would like a pub lunch half way through. There's a pub with food and an outside area we can book. I'd like to let the pub know numbers so the sooner we make up our minds the better.

Post on this here if you want to come (maximum 5 available places) or send me a text.


  • Yes. 

    I do it on 28mm (or 25mm) tyres.  If you click twice to expand the lower picture you can see my road bike.

    Some of the path is steep and rough so we'll be briefly walking (except for the most determined mountain bikers!).  Exactly when we do is a matter of choice.  But this is the exception, 95% is tarmac.

    I'll see you on the platform on Sunday.
  • I would like to come on this ride if you still have a place . dave chambers 
  • Sure.

    See you on Sunday at Chorleywood.
  • thank you I'll see you at Finchley Rd station at 9:30. 
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