Buying a new saddle: Sportourer Zoo or Garda?

It looks like I am going to spend my September changing multiple important components of my bicycle. It will look almost unrecognisable when I finish. During my solo tour at the end of July (it was loads of fun!) my saddle broke. I did manage to finish my tour and then go on another mini tour with it, so its not completely broken, but broken enough to need changing. It's tricky because I loved my saddle! But it was so old it no longer exists.

I am currently deliberating between these two saddles and am very curious as to why the one that looks less comfortable has a higher original price. My old saddle was sprung, so I am not very sure if moving away from a sprung saddle is a good idea... (Obviously I don't want to spend a lot of money otherwise I would have gone for a sprung Brookes saddle which is apparently what everyone swears by.)
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