Mudguard size help

My mudguard saga continues. I put it aside for a while and then decided the giles berthoud mudguards were too pretty to resist. However I think I have messed up the sizing. My wheels are 1 1/4 / 32mm and after a lot of researching on the internet it looked like 40mm mudguards where generally considered too narrow for my wheels so I went with the 50mm. But they look too big now that I have started fitting them. And I am even more confused than before.


  • I use 50mm wide mudguards on my bike, which usually has 32mm tyres.
  • I hummed and ha-ad for ages and ended up fitting the 50mm mudguards. They look far too wide, but I was sure the 40mm would be too narrow. I am now considering whether I should just change my tyres for 35mm...
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