Mudguards: metal or plastic?

Those of you who have been on a ride with me know that I really need to get new mudguards, as my current ones actually make me messier!

I am undecided (surprise, surprise!) between materials and colour choices. Should I go plastic or metal? Also my bike is black, should I get black, or would silver actually make nice contrast and work better? (This last is an aesthetic detail.)

I am seriously tempted to get these stainless steel ones, even though I think they're stupidly expensive: (I think they also come in black) (Can I use 40mm wide mudguards on 1 1/4 tyres?)

But is it worth it? Would it be better to just get a plastic pair? They are about half price.


  • You basically can't go wrong with SKS Chromoplastics, and the price is fair. The Berthoud guards are trickier to fit and will lose that high lustre quickly if you don't clean and polish them.
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