South London rides, anyone? Lots of great hills with terrific views.

I live in Peckham, and have been cycling up to Crystal Palace as a daily run [Fountain Drive makes it a great workout].  In early May I rode with 3 friends from Crystal Palace to Alexandra Palace and back to my house, and it gave me a powerful sense of really belonging to London.  The iconic masts are visible to each other on a clear day.   I'm planning to do it as a charity ride later in the summer.   In the meantime, is anyone up for doing a group ride from, say the Elephant up to Crystal Palace?  There are various hill possibilities apart from College Rd/Fountain Drive.  There's Dog Kennell Hill (and Camberwell Grove), Honor Oak/Canonbie Rd, Sydenham Hill, Tulse Hill as well as the hills between Crystal Palace and Penge.  All of them have terrific views.
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