Romin saddle - central cutout

I think I'll be getting a new saddle soon.

My rides are getting longer as I effectively have to cycle the 12 miles each way to where I used to get the train. And with a shorter lunch break, saddle comfort is the limiting factor.

The Cube saddle that came with my bike is OK but I think I'd benefit from an upgrade. I just tried a Bontrager Montrose and although it's an improvement it's not different enough to be worth buying.

Does anyone have a Specialized Romin saddle? I'd like to try sitting on it, if only for a few minutes (ideally longer). Or any other saddle with a significant central cut out channel.

Measuring my sit bones at home I think they're about 11.5cm apart and it's recommended to get a saddle 2-2.5cm larger.

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