Members private rides in a time of pandemic

All cycling organisations have cancelled groups rides because having large groups of people riding close together and squeezing into tiny tea shops and breathing over each other is not conducive to suppressing Covid-19. But the main cycling organisations CTC/Cycling UK and British Cycling are still encouraging people to cycle for the health benefits.

The current Government advice on social distancing states that you can “walk outdoors if you stay more than 2 metres from others”, The same can apply to cycling. Ride in your local area with a few friends and just remember to follow public health advice.

You could arrange to meet somewhere and take a packed lunch and drink and have a picnic in a park or on the edge of a field somewhere. Be creative, use the existing London cycle networks to get you to the edge of London or beyond and back again. Get a map, use a Garmin and figure out a route. We suggest riders living in the same or neighbouring borough could meet. You are welcome to use this forum - sign up and create an account - to make suggestions and get a few people to join you. 


    • Cycling UK have now issued the following advice:

      Q: Can I ride with my friend if we don’t live in the same household?

      A: No, you should not ride with a friend if you don’t live in the same household as either of you may be infected, although may not be showing symptoms. It would be wise (although frustrating) to stay at home and use a turbo trainer or exercise bike if you have one, instead of going out, even if you feel well.

      So in light of this I don't think it appropriate that we encourage members to organise small social-distance rides. I personally think this is a bad decision by Cycling UK as it is perfectly feasible to ride 2 metres apart in a small group and avoiding cafes, pubs and restaurants. 

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