Tips/buddies for London to Barcelona tour?

I’m doing a tour from London to Barcelona (via Paris, Bordeaux, San Sebastian, Bilbao and Zaragoza) over the whole of March. The rough itinerary is here: 1

I’m looking for:

  • Tips for any part – hotels/couchsurfing, routes, friends in any of the cities I’m going through, etc. I’ve done London to Paris before so pretty okay for that stretch.
  • People to accompany me for any part of this. I can probably re-jig elements of the itinerary to suit your needs (eg a weekend).
  • Tips for long tours – efficiently packing panniers, items I cannot live without (eg a small pouch-style backpack), keeping costs down, things to think of for contingency plans etc.
Any advice, tips and company received with thanks!
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