Who still builds their own bikes?

How many of our members here build their own bikes? Or at least, most of the bike? In a conversation today, Nick Bloom suggested very few, now. Is he right? Hands up those who consider themselves a 'bike builder'!


  • Well I sort of still tinker... I haven't actually built a whole bike since about 2012. I did build a pair of wheels last year, and I replaced a broken spoke this year. Does that count? I'm capable of doing a fair amount of damage...
  • Anyone who builds their own wheels qualifies for sure Linus! I built one earlier this year, first build from a bare frame for a long long time. Bought a SABA frame (big up to Ken Peters for acting as go-between) for a princely £70. Most of the rest was in the spares box — bit like playing a long game of patience. Oddly, the most troublesome thing was joining the high-cost Shimano chain with the supplied quicklink. Wish I had stuck with old-school through rivet!
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