New wheels

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I think it will soon be time to replace my wheels as the rims are wearing away.  I don't have any complaints about the  Mavic Aksium Elites that came with the bike but I will probably upgrade.

Among other considerations:

I want to be able to hit the occasional speed bump or pothole at 30 mph without damaging the wheels.

I'm going to continue using 28mm Continental Four Seasons tyres (clincher, tubes) with Shimano 105 components (11 speed 11-34 cassette).

Obviously enough, I like the idea of light weight and low maintenance.  Below, I've selected the slightly tougher versions rather than all out performance.

I don't want carbon wheels.

The old Mavic Aksiums can do all this for around £200.

I have a budget of £400 (not including tyres).

I was thinking of:

1.  JRA Lark strong 24F/28R  standard spokes
These give the impression of offering a weight saving even with the more robust version.

2.  Borg31 all weather aero  Miche, 20F/24R
I like the deep rim and everything seems good except they're the heaviest here.

3.  Novatec Jetfly HD  24F/28R
I've never used a deep rim and am interested in trying it.  They're also as light as the Larks.

I'd be interested in any comments in choosing between these three wheelsets or any others to consider.


  • Spa Cycles. Call to see if they'll do 28/28. I've got these rims on 28/28 PMP hubs (for Campag, no longer made), Highly recommended. Done over 30k miles with only one or two tweaks. Light, semi-aero. I weigh 70kg, and I've used them for touring and bridleways. Don't get Aero spokes, difficult to adjust for hardly any gain.
    Spa have a very reliable builder and good prices.
    But they aren't good at email.
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    No idea if this enquiry is still live but for what it's worth I've had excellent service from my Borg wheels, very similar to those you specify. Mine are on 24F/24R spokes, but he does offer 24/28. I have no doubt that their comfort and grip are enhanced by the fitment of tubeless tyres, in my case 25mm Schwalbe Pro Ones, run at around 60 psi. They come up at nearly 28mm wide on that Kinlin rim and I would go wider still if I could.
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