Planning a route

What websites, apps, maps etc do you use to plan a cycle route? 


  • RidewithGPS. Just the free version. Read all the instructions on the website, then try plotting a route you know as practice.
    There's also a companion app for your phone. You can't plot on it, but can use it to follow a route as you ride.
  • Thanks! I'll look into it!
  • I experimented and planned out my first route using ride with GPS. Its so annoying you can't add diversion options and points of interest with the free version. I am curious to see if my route is any good!
  • @pandora Looks like a good route.

    Some parts of your route go on footpaths (which, strictly speaking, you shouldn't cycle on, and there will be styles and kissing gates to get through) while other parts are along bridleway (which while you can cycle on could be rough and muddy in places).

    On RideWithGPS if using OpenCycle Map you can switch to Classic View and then check the roads in Google Street View. You can also cross-check the route with OS maps via

    With some alterations to put you back on tarmac or gravel paths it would be a good ride. Lunch at the Cock Inn, Ide Hill at 28k?
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