Our Facebook page ...

edited on 9 Feb 2019 at 08:38 in General

You may have noticed that there are no rides listed on our Facebook page for this weekend!

This does not mean that we have no rides -- far from it, we have our usual full programme, with one ride on Saturday and four on Sunday, and all the details are, as usual, on our rides page.

However, Facebook are constantly moving the goalposts for developers, and we are now required to undergo a full review by FB to obtain the permissions we now need to post details of our own rides to our own page.  The review has been requested, and if successful normal service will resume in due course.

Meanwhile, the latest full details of all rides will always be on our website, of course, and this forum remains the best to interact with us, for example for asking questions, posting photos or ride reports.

If you use a calendar app on your smartphone, you can also see our rides listed there by subscribing to our Google calendars.


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