Pannier bag size recommendation

edited on 19 Jan 2019 at 13:53 in Equipment and clothing
I am looking to buy a new pannier bag and I am a bit stumped by the sizing in Litres. I want it for a tour, so it has to balance on the line between fitting enough stuff and not being too big and heavy. I am not super-strong so need to avoid too much weight. What size would you recommend? Thanks!


  • I strongly suggest you get a pair of 'front' panniers (which fit equally on the rear). If you can't fit everything in, then you're taking too much. I've toured for a week with just a 9 litre saddlebag.
    These are very good value (price is for the pair). Ortlieb panniers are the best, but much more expensive.

  • Hi. I definitely endorse Nick's comments  -- I've been touring with "front" panniers at the rear for very many years.

    The Carradice panniers Nick links to look very good value at that price. Don't underestimate the usefulness of having genuinely waterproof panniers (which these are) either. Yes, you can wrap the contents in plastic bags, and may want to do so anyway (eg, to separate clean clothes from dirty laundry), but if water is getting into the panniers, things will get wet -- not what you want to find at the end of a long day riding in the rain ...    
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