Busby Road Safety Mobile Application

We have received the following email from a company publicising a product called Busby, which some of you may be interested in. Note that the club has no connection with the company and posting this does not constitute an endorsement!

"A road safety mobile application which predicts, prevents and detects accidents from occurring for vulnerable road users on our roads. We have been developing Busby and it's bespoke technology for the past 2 years at Sensor City, L3. Last year on UK roads there were over 61,000 vulnerable road user accidents and a 16,070 death toll which we want to eradicate. Busby sends vehicle drivers an audible notification when a cyclist is near by to prevent any accidents. If an accident does occur, our motion sensors recognise the incident. We then ask the vulnerable road user if they are ok, if there is no response within 60 seconds, Busby sends emergency contacts and ambulance service the users GPS location. Minimising the time it takes for help to arrive.

Busby is free to download and free to use for all cyclists and vehicle drivers. I am wondering if Central London CTC members would be interested in trialling the app when we launch? If you sign up at the pre-sign-up page you will receive a download link when it is available on the app store."
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