Heads up on a new order of Central London CTC kit!

The final item of our first order of new kit has at last gone to its owner (Mariel), so now I can take up the story again!

Firstly, we will open the Club Store again during April, so members who missed out on the first order get another opportunity. The winter gilet especially is a hit, with several members who didn't get it first time round now wanting to add it to their wardrobe.

Secondly, we believe there is enough demand to introduce two new garments, a long-sleeved jersey and a lightweight gilet.
CTC Additions

The proposed Ascent L/S jersey is similar in appearance to our very snug Ouray jacket, but in addition features the large 'shadow' CTC logo on the front, as on our Ascent and Summit S/S jerseys.

The Evergreen gilet has a mesh back rather than the three pockets of our heavier Breckenridge gilet, and is light enough to be rolled up and stuffed into a jersey pocket.

For this, we propose a new design variant, the upper rear panel in solid magenta with the CTC winged wheel device in white, and the front in a magenta-to-white fade with the vertical white-out-of-black headline bar. We hope you don't find this 'too pink'.

As before, we need five firm orders to get each garment made, and this also qualifies us for one (or any other number) of the women-specific variant. Please let me know if you want either of these, so I can compile the list—firm intentions to buy only please, no general expressions of interest!

I promised to give you an insight into the final design adopted. Briefly, the most important, and hardest creative task was to re-draw the famous Cyclists' Touring Club winged wheel in a modern and dynamic style. This went through many iterations and I am indebted to the Pactimo-appointed art director, David Hought of DCH Design in Beverley, Yorkshire, for grasping the idea and turning it into reality.

Cast CTC shield


The logo once fixed, it was David's idea to blow it up large and use it asymmetrically, faded from right to left, across the front, where it nicely counter-balances the vertical headline bar on the left side of the zip. Placing the bar there was my idea, or rather, something I pinched from Castelli's design for 3T!

Two other elements of the design I must mention are the font and the colours. We wanted to preserve continuity with the previous edition of CLCTC kit commissioned by Nick Bloom some 5 or 6 years ago, so that mob-handed we would continue to represent as 'the purple peloton' (in the late John Snuggs's phrase). So it was always going to be black, white and some sort of purple.

Monochrome is easy, but a third colour does add complication—everyone has an opinion on colour, and the existing purple was deemed too dark. Eventually we lit on on the idea of borrowing the Metropolitan Railway's corporate magenta (Pantone 235) which was pretty close. This complemented the general agreement also to borrow London Transport's famous sans-serif font (well as close to New Johnston as we had a licence for). Together, the choice of colour and font assert our connection with London's historic role in pioneering transport for cities.

I'd like to thank all who bought in the first round for their support, and hope you and others will again flex your cards when the Club Store opens again; also to place on record our thanks to Pactimo UK reps Raffaella and Mandy for their unstinting attention, and to the company principal Karl Heidgen for the great quality of the apparel, and of course for giving us a break on the price!

Never forget you can place your own order if its value is £200 or greater. And let me remind you that our 25% discount on list prices is still in force until about the middle of July…which is not all that far away!
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