cHilly Chilterns: "With the Beatles"

As I cycled up "Abbey Road" and over THAT zebra crossing on my way to Marylebone Station to lead fellow cyclists for a spring jaunt in the 'cHilly Chilterns' the miserable winter weather seemed a thing of the distant past. It was thus that the words of "Here comes the Sun" came to me.

The fine weather certainly proved an incentive for people to get out. Thirteen turned up, not bad for an early March ride! With everyone in a 'sunny' mood (and in good shape!) we set off from "Norwegian Wood" - sorry Chorleywood ! Very soon the hot weather meant we had to "Wait" while people stripped off layers like "Sexy Sadie"! They obviously couldn't "Carry that Weight".

After a pleasant morning cycle through some testing countryside along "The long and winding road" and not a few "Helter skelter" descents we arrived at "The Full Moon" pub, all hungry and quite sane! We had our lunch alfresco in what seemed like an "Octopus's Garden". A black bird appeared in the garden but it didn't sing. Then as I requested the usual club donation. "You never give me your money" reverberated in my head. I needn't have worried as everyone knows cyclists are generous by nature.
The afternoon saw the "The Sun King" diminish a little as we peddled back through a flatter terrain towards Amersham.
Not a long ride, but a really enjoyable one to get the cycling muscles well oiled for the coming season.

Satisfied and content I retired that evening for my "Golden Slumbers".

"The End"!

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