Chiltern Joy

Ten of us gathered in the morning outside Chorleywood station in anticipation of the exciting day ahead cycling when Ash had a serious mechanical problem and decided not to risk coming on the ride - then there were nine!

We 'confronted' the first major hill just outside the station and the climb took us up to The Chenies and then 'dropped' down to Chess valley and into Latimer, the first really long steep climb led us up past the golf course to Ley Hill from where it was undulating till a short climb led us up to the windmill at Hawridge Common, then to Cholesbury and St. Leonards where we headed towards a stunning descent past The Hale and into Wendover.

Climb every hill Climb every hill

Whilst all the riders munched lunch at The King and Queen I had brought my own food and munched away in the graveyard of the beautiful Anglican church of St. Mary's nearby.

I had warned the riders if we wanted to enjoy afternoon tea in Great Missenden we had no option put to tackle the very steep climb up of about 100 metres of 7-9% up to Dunsmore. The temptation of home made cakes meant we unanimously agreed to attempt it, some walked and those that stayed on bikes were greeted at the top by quacking ducks from the village pond! We then dropped down to Checquers(not invited in for tea!) headed along Hampton Bottom for about three miles and into Great Missenden where we duly supped tea and munched the delicious home made cakes on the green at the Anglican church of St. Peter and Paul.

Brian's briefing after lunch Brian's briefing after lunch

The fine weather and good food made it very difficult to rouse people for the last lap but eventually we were on our way to our destination. We cycled along Ballinger Bottom before one last short sharp steep climb to Little Pender, it was then 'plain sailing' as we rolled along the top of a scenic ridge before dropping down to Chesham.

Just as we got to the station a train pulled away, leaving us with a half hour wait for the next one. As we waited it was nice to hear people remark how much they enjoyed the ride in the lovely autumnal sun, Sue requested a return cycle next year so as to sample those delicious cakes (and hills!) - we will.
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