Central London CTC Club Clothing

You can find details of the Pactimo custom garment range here, we already have many items available with the club design, and it is easy to add any others. We plan to add winter tights and bib thermal tights. There are also some more casual clothing items available. Wherever possible, we have ensured that all items are available in both men’s and women’s fit.

It is important to order the correct size. Some garments are cut tighter than others in the same size, in particular any of the 'summit' and 'divide' items. Please note that Pactimo will not accept returns of garments where the wrong size was ordered. If you can't find existing kit to try on in the required size, we can arrange for Pactimo to supply fit kit, but please don't wait for the shop to open, this needs to be organised in advance.

Pactimo also have increased their non-customisable offering. It is available via the club online store with a 30% discount extended to these new items, notably perfect for Autumn/Winter months of cycling and training.

If you have any questions about club clothing from Pactimo please ask David Kurtz. If there is any item you are interested in, and would like to ensure is available when the shop opens please ask.

The shop will be open from Thursday 14th September until Sunday 1st October
The shop is now open until Sunday 1st October

The club shop opens periodically for short windows. The shop can opened on request — please contact David Kurtz.

Here's how to order

  • Go to My Team Store and sign in using the password centrallondonctc
  • Follow instructions to create your personal account (unless you have created one previously)
  • Choose what you want from our range
  • Pay for your order using a card (AmEx is not accepted)

If you have any specific questions, please contact David Kurtz.

Pactimo are our official
clothing supplier.
Our clothing range — fit guide, and how we got the look

The thumbnails (click them to enlarge) show most of the major items. Our full range is shown in the Club Store. A general fit guide is here, with detailed fit comparison videos of jerseys and shorts for women and men.

Please take care to order the right size for you. It’s always helpful to try on another member’s garment if you can.

We launched the Central London CTC team clothing in late 2014. It's proven comfortable and durable, and most like the way it looks.

All garments have a common look based on a modern rendering of the traditional Cyclists' Touring Club 'winged wheel'.

Our aim is to offer a versatile, high-quality range that is distinctively our own, whether you wear only one piece or the full kit. It has been seen and admired far and wide.

Our supplier Pactimo is a leader in cycling apparel, and we at Central London CTC benefit from their expertise with a modern, elegant, and varied wardrobe. Take a look – or another look!

Second hand items

Some members have CLCTC kit that they no longer:

  • Naomi W:

    Women's Breckenridge Jacket (M)

    Women's Arm Warmers (M)

  • Allen H:

    Men's summer jersey (M)

  • David K:

    Men’s Breckenridge Jacket (M) – almost new

    Men’s Arm Warmers (L) - used

    Ascent Women's summer jersey (XL) – race fit

See Pactimo garments for details and size charts.

The garments
Ascent long sleeve jersey
Continental short sleeve jersey
Breckenridge winter jacket
Breckenridge winter gilet
Divide summer gilet
Summit Raptor bib shorts
Alpine thermal jacket (in white or black)
Storm+ hybrid jacket (in black or white)
Storm+ thermal cap
Divide Wind Jacket (in white or black)
Ascent Shorts (in magenta or black)
Ouray mens three-quarter length bib (in magenta or black)
Alpine mens thermal tights (in magenta or black)
Alpine womens thermal tights (in magenta or black)

Cloth badges

They can be sewn or ironed on to fabric. Please see maker's instruction videos. £3 each, free to leaders – please contact David Kurtz.

Frame decals

Frame decals, which can show the club logo or a national flag, with either a personal name or the name of the club. Ordered directly from the supplier, Name Decals, from £6.99 for two or £12.99 for ten.

Lots of customisation options (fonts, colours, etc). To show our logo, choose (Central London CTC) in the "Flag" dropdown. To show the club name, choose "Central London" as "First Name" and "CTC" as "Last Name".