Annual General Meeting

The Central London CTC AGM will be held at 19.00 on Thursday 6th May 2021.

This year the meeting will be held virtually, using Zoom.

The link will be sent out by email to all regular riders for whom we have an email address, but if you do not get this please contact us and we'll send it to you.

It has been moved from its previous date in November because Cycling UK have changed their reporting year-end from 30th September to 31st March. Only members of Cycling UK may speak or vote.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of AGM 2019
    1. Matters arising
  3. Chairman's Report
  4. Treasurer's Report and Statement of Accounts
  5. Election of Committee for 2021-22
  6. The following are standing for election or *re-election
    1. Chairman – *Colin Hartridge-Price
    2. Secretary – Jon McColl
    3. Treasurer – Tom James
    4. Registration – *Richard Philpott
    5. Welfare – *Paul Krebs
    6. Promotions – *Richard Philpott
    7. 1* Rep – *Linus Rees #
    8. 2* Rep – *Christine Johnson
    9. 3* Rep – David Kurtz
    10. 4* Rep – *Allen Hutcheson
    11. Midweek rides coordinator – Nick Bloom
    12. Tours Rep – Jenny Hung

    13. Note that a, b & c are "obligatory postions", while d, e & f are "obligatory roles" that can be filled by other committee members. Other posts are optional.

      # Linus has confirmed he is happy to continue to find leaders for 1* rides, but does not wish to be a member of the Committee and will not therefore attend Committee meetings.

      The midweek rides coordinator is a new post.

  7. Election of Auditor – Iain Bell has confirmed he is prepared to continue in this role.
  8. Consideration of any motions submitted.
  9. Any other business