About Central London CTC

our cycling is mostly in quiet lanes in the countryside around London

Fancy a cycle ride in the country this Sunday but not sure where to go or how to organise it?

You could join us on one of our weekly rides. We meet at a main line station and take a train out through the suburbs to enjoy a day's cycling in the country. This gives us different scenery every week and saves our legs from a slog through the suburbs.

You can choose a potterers' ride, an off-road ride, a tourist pace or a hard riders' bash. Which ever one you're on we always wait for the person at the back and try and help each other with any mechanical problems. Our aim is to enjoy cycling all the year round and all the things that go with it; food, drink, occasional sight seeing and good company.

Central London CTC are a local group of Cycling UK, the cyclists' champion, but non-members of Cycling UK are welcome to come along and try our rides before joining Cycling UK.

Central London CTC is a member group of Cyclists' Touring Club (Southern) Limited. Registered in England number 01101958.

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