Central London CTC Club Clothing


Pactimo are our official clothing supplier.

The garments (click on the images to enlarge them)


Short sleeve jersey
Ascent long sleeve jersey – front
Short sleeve jersey
Ascent long sleeve jersey – back

Ascent long sleeve jersey

Short sleeve jersey
Continental short sleeve jersey – front
Short sleeve jersey
Continental short sleeve jersey – back

Continental short sleeve jersey

Short sleeve jersey
Breckenridge long sleeve jacket – front
Short sleeve jersey
Breckenridge long sleeve jacket – back

Breckenridge long sleeve jacket

Winter gilet
Breckenridge winter gilet – front
Breckenridge winter gilet – back

Breckenridge winter gilet

Summer gilet
Evergreen summer gilet – front
Summer gilet
Evergreen summer gilet – back

Evergreen summer gilet

Bib shorts
Summit Raptor bib shorts – front
Bib shorts
Summit Raptor bib shorts – back

Summit Raptor bib shorts

Ouray winter jacket – front
Ouray winter jacket – back

Ouray Jacket

Skinsuit – front
Skinsuit – back


If you wish to be included in the next batch of orders please contact Martin Hayman, who will co-ordinate them, arranging for the Club Store to be re-opened whenever we have requests totalling £200 or more.

Amazingly, it's now three years since we launched the new Central London CTC team clothing. We’ve been delighted both by the garments and the service by Pactimo. Our range has clothes for all riders in any season, from a high-grade winter jacket to a skin suit, and pleasing accessories like the arm-warmers and cap.
All our garments have a common motif, a modern rendering of the traditional Cyclists' Touring Club 'winged wheel', together with our name Central London CTC in the traditional London Transport font. The third colour, magenta, is that of the Metropolitan Railway, London's earliest Underground line. We are grateful to DCH Design for their skill in making these ideas a reality.
Our aim was (and still is) to offer an adaptable, high-quality range that is distinctively our own, whether you wear only one piece or the full kit and caboodle. It has been seen and admired far and wide, traversing the French Alps, in Croatia and Greece, on events in Spain, Italy, South Africa, and Australia; even in Vietnam (we think).

Our clothing range

The thumbnails to the right show most of the major items. Our full product range is shown in the Club Store. Pactimo makes detail improvements from time to time, and for the 2018 'model year' they are:

  • Continental jersey has an improved fabric
  • Ascent jersey has tighter sleeves and is now called Ascent Aero
  • Summit Raptor bib shorts have the option of a longer leg

Our garments are tailored identically to the generic ones on the Pactimo public website, where there are full technical descriptions and – importantly – an accurate fit guide. You will note tailoring is gender-specific.

It is vital to get the right fit because Pactimo is not able to offer an exchange or refund if you order the wrong size. We can usually arrange for you to try on another member's garment if you're not sure about fit.

What should you buy?

A traditional club strip comprises a jersey according to season (Summit, Continental, Ascent) and shorts (Summit bibs or Ascent shorts). For cooler mornings you can augment this with arm-warmers and a gilet (Evergreen or the heavier Breckenridge). Any of these garments can be combined with non-custom kit—for example, summer and winter gilets work well worn over a plain jersey, topped off with the rather fetching cap.

The Continental jersey has a more relaxed fit, while the unisex Ouray jacket is outstandingly warm, as those who have worn it to ride l'Alpe d'Huez can attest! If you want just the one piece, may we suggest the Breckenridge gilet with its capacious rear pockets?

How to order

  • The Club store opens for a five-day order window (watch out for announcements as to when this will be, or contact Martin Hayman).
  • You can preview the prices before the shop opens here – these prices include VAT but not the 2% shipping fee.
  • Go to My Team Store and sign in using the password centrallondonctc.
  • Follow instructions to create your personal account (unless you have created one previously).
  • Choose what you want from our range.
  • Pay for your order using your credit or debit card (some Visa orders have been held up because payment is to a US merchant; AmEx is not accepted).
  • UK delivery is reliably about a month after the Store closes.
  • Your order goes to Martin Hayman, who arranges onward delivery to you.

If you have any specific questions, please contact Martin Hayman.

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