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Pactimo are our official clothing supplier.

The garments (click on the images to enlarge them)


Short sleeve jersey
Ascent long sleeve jersey – front
Short sleeve jersey
Ascent long sleeve jersey – back

Ascent long sleeve jersey

Short sleeve jersey
Continental short sleeve jersey – front
Short sleeve jersey
Continental short sleeve jersey – back

Continental short sleeve jersey

Short sleeve jersey
Breckenridge long sleeve jacket – front
Short sleeve jersey
Breckenridge long sleeve jacket – back

Breckenridge long sleeve jacket

Winter gilet
Breckenridge winter gilet – front
Breckenridge winter gilet – back

Breckenridge winter gilet

Summer gilet
Evergreen summer gilet – front
Summer gilet
Evergreen summer gilet – back

Evergreen summer gilet

Bib shorts
Summit Raptor bib shorts – front
Bib shorts
Summit Raptor bib shorts – back

Summit Raptor bib shorts

Ouray winter jacket – front
Ouray winter jacket – back

Ouray Jacket

Skinsuit – front
Skinsuit – back


If you wish to be included in the next batch of orders please contact Martin Hayman, who will co-ordinate them, arranging for the Club Store to be re-opened whenever we have requests totalling £200 or more.

This Club Store arrangement gives a lot more flexibility than the traditional method, where the club had to commit to a large order and make one big upfront payment, and we have been able to arrange a discount of 25% off Pactimo's list prices for custom kit (the prices you will see in our Club Store include this discount).
The Store opens for a five-day order 'window'. This is to ensure that orders are not held up once placed. Shipping is four weeks after the Store closes, with delivery here normally about five days after that.

The garments

We have a full three-season sporting kit comprising:

  • Men's/Women's Skin Suit (strictly for the 4* riders!)
  • Men's/Women's Ascent 3.0 Long Sleeve Jersey
  • Men's/Women's Evergreen Summer Gilet
  • Men's/Women's Summit Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Men's/Women's Breckenridge Long Sleeve Jacket
  • Men's/Women's Breckenridge Winter Gilet
  • Men's Summit Raptor Bib Shorts
  • Women's Ascent Shorts
  • Arm Warmers
  • Traditional Cap

This is a top-quality full strip, with a snug fit, for the complete Lycra look. Any of these garments can be combined with non-custom kit – for example, summer and winter gilets work well worn over a plain jersey, topped off with the rather fetching cap. You will note that tailoring is gender-specific. Women members preferred waist shorts, so this is what we have.

We also have the following for those who prefer a more forgiving fit:

  • Men's/Women's Continental 2.0 Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Unisex Ouray Jacket
This short sleeve jersey cost less than the race-fit jerseys but is still top-quality. The Ouray is outstandingly warm, as those who have worn it to ride l'Alpe d'Huez will testify!

How to order

  • When the shop is open (watch out for announcements or email Martin Hayman to find out when this will be), go to My Team Store and enter the password centrallondonctc to sign in
  • Follow instructions to create your personal account (unless you have created one previously)
  • Choose what you want – all our CLCTC custom garments are in the Store
  • The prices shown include the club discount, but not VAT nor the 2% shipping fee
  • Pay for your order using your credit or debit card (see note below)
  • The clothing will be sent to our clothing manager, Martin Hayman, when ready (about four weeks after the shop closes)

Please read these notes:

  • Note that the Pactimo sizing guide comes up pretty tight. If in doubt, go one size up
  • Because the kit is custom-manufactured Pactimo will not offer an exchange or refund if you order the wrong size
  • Some Pactimo orders placed using Visa cards have been 'bounced' – tell your bank ahead of time that you plan to make a US purchase, or use a MasterCard (note that AmEx cards are not accepted)

If you have any specific questions, please contact Martin Hayman.

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